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Hey dude, you've constructed a great atmosphere, here.  Kudos on your sound design--I especially like your use of deep ambience, and those zombie monster things sound genuinely alarming!

Any plans for music? In a lot of ways with the horror genre, less is more, but it can be beneficial to have some select, subtle music happening here and there. As a sound designer and composer I am especially interested in providing a soundtrack to a game like this. If you were interested, I'd be willing to compose for you, all pro bono.

Otherwise, keep up the good work! I'm excited to play this when it comes out!

Thanks for playing my friend! There will def be music that isn't just ambience in the future. Not currently looking for anybody but that may change in the future so I'll keep you in mind!

Ah the nostalgia this game brings back.

I cant wait to play the rest of this when it comes out.

Thanks for playing my friend!!

thumbs up

I love the atmosphere and the build up.  The game is similar to resident evil and silent hill but is its own animal.  I like where this is going!  I will be playing and waiting for more!

Hey man thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed.

I enjoyed it alot!  Still am!  Here is a follow up!

One long demo!

Had to check out the update! The atmosphere is still amazing and I love this super low-res pixel art but I still felt there were some issues holding the whole thing back. You have to investigate every. single. object. This gets really tedious really quickly and kills curiosity because you're checking everything not because you want to, but because you have to. Second is that it can be hard to tell what's what in certian areas due to a lack of contrast between wall, floor and door. Some areas are really well designed and are easy to navigate, but others not so much. Lastly is the combat, it's still far too clunky for its own good. By the end of the video I felt like I needed to go back to an area with enemies in it but had no desire to do so due to how slow, unresponsive and inaccurate the combat is. Detailed feedback at the end of the video. I know I was hard on it, but only because I can see this being awesome!


Thanks for the feedback! Just watched the whole vid. You don't have to worry about being too harsh haha,  the only possible way to make a great game is with feedback like yours tbh.  My focus for the next demo is to revamp combat - because admittedly it's an area I've ignored for a while. The plan is to to have 8 directional movement with full 8 directional aiming and for the guns to carry more weight and stopping power.  Enemies will also stagger and react to shots.The reason this has taken a while is because I absolutely dread animating sprites and having to re sprite the player movement in 8 directions  is quite a lot of work - but it must be done :). Also was thinking of having some sort of clear indicator as to what inspections in the room are important - similar to the item sparkle effect. Anyways, hope you will play the next version (whenever that is), because feedback like this is so crucial for me and helps me set important dev goals.


This definitely reminds my of Resident evil with item management. I want to see how further on you plan on developing this game.


I really did enjoy this. The visuals were great and I liked the whole vibe you had going on here. Excited for the full game

Very good game i like it so much.The full game when it's going to release?

thanks for playing! release date is not decided yet but if I would have to predict, maybe mid 2019.


Hey Awesome game!  I also have the idea to make a 2D old school survival horror like Resident Evil, This is very well done. Congrants! I'm still playing it, I hope you finish the game, I'm following.

Thanks you! glad you enjoyed it. I will finish this project, dont worry :)


This was awesome and I really want it to be a full game! VERY GOOD for an alpha version. It ran super well and I didn't encounter any glitches. I liked that there was an inventory menu and collectible items along the way. The graphics style was amazing, I love pixelated horror games. The puzzles were clever, but not the hardest in the world. You literally just had to pay attention (unlike me) and you'd get them no problem. It took me a little longer to figure them out but I'm a dumb. I had to use a controller. I'm not sure if that's because I had one plugged into the PC or not, but it'd be cool to have options to use controller or kb/mouse in the future. The ambiance was that uneasy silence until you got to certain moments in the game, which really let me know when I was safe and when I was not. I guess it's just my opinion, but I like to feel scared throughout the entire game. ANYWHO, I loved it. Thanks for making this and I really hope you continue development on it!


This is the kind of horror we need more of nowadays.

Did a little review on your indie game to tell our fans. Keep it up!

Hey Roy! Thanks so much for checking out the demo, really glad you enjoyed it. Once I finish this patch the demo will be a lot smoother šŸ˜Ž

Inventory on widescreen monitors shows up offset to right

It's pretty hard to differentiate obstacles from floor at some places and find passage

Could be nice to be able to interact with objects from all sides

thanks for playing, I'm gonna figure out whats happening with widescreen

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Some parts I loved and others I didn't. You've absolutely nailed the visuals and sound design, by the end I was impressed that the game could convey important puzzle information with only six pixels. However it doesn't seem that the player is meant to fight back, and because of that I was confused as to why I got a pistol so early on. Monsters take over a magazine to kill, or the pistol is wildly inaccurate, and you only get about 3, as far as I found. Without any sort of visual health indicator, taking a number of hits in a hallway you're encouraged to explore feels a little cheap and it's hard to tell how much damage you've done onto the monsters. I'm excited to see a horror game in this style but the combat needs some fine tuning. It also appeared that the inventory was displayed partway off the screen. I know this is just a demo at this point so all I see is potential refinement.


thanks for playing! All valid criticisms that I have been thinking about and working on šŸ™‚

Glad to hear you thought so, I'd love to take a look at some later versions when they are ready!

Just finished playing, as you have mentioned already the KB+M really needs work, very clumsy and hard to control. 

I thought the grainy look to the image might be a bit to much, definitely have some in there but I just felt it was too much.

Need a fullscreen option as many times I was clicking off the game in window mode.

Perhaps change the aim to allow for full movement on the crosshairs, at the moment its aim the way you are facing and with a short distance. (Unless I'm doing something wrong?)

Atmosphere was great, really felt creepy, perhaps add more sound effects like creeks in the floorboards when walking over certain spots. 

Reminds me of that online web game...Dead Frontier, but with a RE twist.

Keep up the good work!

thanks for playing! Yeah Iā€™m still trying to figure out what direction to go with the different aspects of combat like aiming. Posts like yours help me with that though!

I either didn't understand how to use the gun or, there is a bug when I played that would not allow me to do so. It seemed like the controls are a bit clunky and, not easy to use. It's got a nice atmosphere to it just the controls frustrated me!

thanks for playing! To use the gun you have to equip it in the inventory. I probably should have specified that in game

The game was cool.I really enjoyed the sound the atmosphere.Nice job


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Really cool game. The art style is great and the atmosphere was spot on. The keyboard controls were strange, but i know the controller was recommended. The camera also feels too zoomed.  But those are just my opinions it was a great game.

Thanks so much for playing man! Really glad you enjoyed. I'm gonna start smoothing out the KB+M controls soon as i can :)