Recent PROJECT ABEL dev update roundup!

A few medium sized updates since the release of the last demo:

I've decided to opt for a 3D -> 2D sprite creation workflow which will allow me to create many more animations in a fraction of the time!

New Animations!

The inventory tetris system seen in RE4 will be no longer - mainly due to the ridiculous amount of bugs it was still causing one year after initially coding it. I've instead decided to go with the classic RE1-3 style of inventory. I'm very happy with this change. It's bug free, simpler, easier to balance, and will reduce unwanted item management time.

New Classic Inventory

Item combining is now a mechanic. This adds an extra element of decision making - as there will be times where you will have to choose between crafting stronger healing items, more ammo or extra save matches. Also seen in this video is the new trench area. This area will truly represent the horrors of WW1 before the player enters the iconic Spencer Mansion-esque University area.

Item Combining


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